Unique. Innovative. Mentorship Program.

Our innovative new Mentorship Program helps bridge the gap between classroom training and real-world implementation. Successful deployment of Corticon BRMS depends not only on knowledge gained via formal training, but also on experience and best-practices gained from hands-on use. We shouldn’t expect anyone to be experts after just a few days of training.

That’s why we developed our Mentorship Program. We’ve partnered with, a web platform optimized for informal, coached, hands-on micro-learning, to offer a program with five distinct levels of achievement. Think of it as a roadmap for continuing education and improvement after initial training, with instructions, resources and Nimble mentors built-in.

Implementing business rules software is inherently social and collaborative; we think the process of learning to use the software should be, too. Our Mentorship Program ensures your team is fully prepared to manage and maintain your rules software and applications over the long haul.

Mentorship: another way Nimble helps you get the most from your investment in Corticon BRMS.